FaithFront, Tabor College’s current leadership program for high school youth is part of a bigger story.

In 2011, Tabor acquired Ministry Quest (MQ) from Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary (now Fresno Pacific University Biblical Seminary).  While MBBS experienced strong success with the program, the seminary ended the program when Lilly Endowment funding was no longer available.  Having seen its effectiveness among the youth of our denomination, it was clear that MQ would be a good fit for Tabor College and its mission of preparing people for a life of learning, work and service for Christ and His kingdom.

Since 2011, Tabor has operated Ministry Quest while relying on a USMB Conference subsidy, student registrations, and donor generosity to run the program. While MQ has been effective in nurturing and calling out a new generation of leaders, it has become clear that operating a youth leadership program that is more closely aligned with Tabor’s unique context would ideal.

Tabor’s vision to adopt Ministry Quest, and it’s commitment to continue the program, clearly demonstrated the college’s passion for youth leadership development. Moving forward, longtime supporters of Tabor will see that the best of MQ – its core values, curriculum and experiences –will be strategically integrated into FaithFront.


When a thunderstorm rolls across the countryside, the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls along the frontline. In the same way, effective leadership, authentic discipleship and innovative theological reflection happens at the place where faith and culture meet. We call it the FaithFront. Our vision is to identify, nurture and empower and growing community of called, skilled and equipped leaders who are uniquely prepared to lead the church along the frontline of faith and culture.


Three words capture FaithFront’s core values: ignite, engage and inspire. Our desire is to IGNITE students’ passions as they discover how God has called and gifted them. We want to help them ENGAGE their world as they develop tools to effectively and faithfully interact with the culture around them. And we hope to empower teens to INSPIRE their generation as they practice effective leadership.